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But for some strange reason, nearly every interviewer can agree that giving a good answer to the question “Tell Me About Yourself” during a job interview can be one of the toughest and most stressful things to do. FREE BONUS PDF "CHEAT SHEET": Get our "Tell me about yourself.
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Positive attitude. That's all about me. I am Bahubali from Belagavi. I have qualifications B.

Com completed vsm BBA. There are family members 4 including me. About my hobbies, I like playing kho-kho, listening to songs I have communicated skill and win college day district level kho-kho second my strength is motivation. The short-term goal is great a job MNC company. Any mistake will be words and sentences give me valuable feedback. Comments: Sandeep Kumar : Thank you. My name is Shubham Kumar pandey. We are Four in my family, My father is Farmer and My mother is housemaker. I have one elder brother.

My hobbies I like to interact with new people and I like to handle the complex situation in a very calm manner.

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My strengths I am an honest and hardworking Boy with a positive attitude towards my career and my future. My weakness I can't say no if anyone asks me for help and I trust people very quickly. I think that's my weakness. My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company. My long-term goal becomes more responsible, matured and knowledgeable personality and respectable position in my company.

Comments: Aster : Very clear and enjoyable. I am from Barasat. I have completed my graduation in a bachelor of science from Calcutta University in the year There I worked for 2years now I m searching a for job in a multinational company like yours. Where I can improve my skills and knowledge as well as my career and work experience.

Now coming to my family. Apart from my parents, I have 2 elder sisters whose are married. I am also a married man. My strength are I am hardworking, good learner, self-motivated, my weakness are I mean very poor in spoken English basically in grammar portion and I can't tell no if anyone ask for help.

Coming to my hobbies I love to play strategy games, spending time with friends like to watch action movies, etc. My short time goal is to get a job in a reputed company and my long-time goal is to make a respectable position in the company. That's all. I am Nikhil Bhuse. Basically, I am from Indore itself. Including me, there are five members in my family. My father is accounted and my mother is a homemaker. I have two elder brothers. I am pursuing a bachelor of engineering from Swamy Vivekanand college of engineering with the stream of mechanical engineering.

I have undergone training from the indo German tool room in the year I have won 2nd prize in act competition at my school in the year I did my projects on a single point cutting tool with my team. My strenghts are hard worker, Adoptive, self motivated person when I was depressed. My hobbies are playing cricket, listening to a song. I like watching movies. My habbit is I take tea daily at 8 pm as well as read the newspaper.

My short-term goal is I want to be placed in that reputated company where I can utilize my skill and improve my carrier path. Comments: Akshita Jain : Sir your introduction help me in my placement. Nikhil Bhuse : Have you placed? Thank you to give me the opportunity to represent my skills in front of you.

Personally I am searching for a job opportunity in the data entry field like your reputed company where I can improving my skills and knowledge for my career growth. Coming to my strength is I am honest like straight forward handwork and I can adopt or manage in any environment and challenging situation easily. My weakness is I am weak in spoken English and sometimes nerves to communicate with people but I can work on it to speak English and communicate people normally or professionally as like situations.

Coming to my hobbies I like to play chess, play cricket, playing online gaming, spend time with my friends and doing something new. My short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours to improve my knowledge and build my career in this field. And coming to family my father is a farmmer and my mother is home maker and she cooks food very deliciously. And I have a little brother, he is pursuing B-Tech. And coming to my strength I am very puntual about time and I belive that faith in yourselves and achieve any thing and weakness is beliving all.

And I have to overcome this by first knowing the people. My short term goal is to get a job in multinational company. My long term goal is to establish a company that is useful to poor people and useful to all the people. My name is Abhishek Kumar Mahato. I am from Jamshedpur. I have completed my matriculation from dav and I have secured 10 cgpa and I have completed my intermediate from the same school.

My hobbies are playing cricket and football. Thanks you.

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I am Ranjit Gogoi from Asaam. I am 21 age old. A have seven family members mother father three younger brothers and sister and me. My strength is I am a hard worker and I am an very emotional man or honest man.

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My hobbies are, reading take book, running, playing weightlifting and eating sweet food. I am professionally a technical recruiter with 3 years of working experience. I have have worked under IT Staffing firm for 2 years. From last one year I am working in Xyz Company, leading the recruitment and managing all aspect of it.

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Apart of recruitment I have been involved in some other HR practices as well as Documents collecting, Ref check etc. That's it. Comments: Shivji : Thanks for the information. I have been worked as a patent analyst at molecular connection for 2 years and as Technical Editor at scientific publishing services Pvt Ltd for 1 Yr. Totally I have 3yrs work experience. I am Vijay Patil. I love to travel. My greatest strength is team-oriented and flexible. Moving toward my family background there are four members in my family my father is Farmer my mother is housewife, I have a younger brother he is studying in B.

Tell me about yourself.

Com first year. It's all about me. I am Akshay Bhaskar. I am completed my graduation from sb city college. I'm coming into my family, in my family having 5 member. My father is cook and mother is a house maker. I having Two Young sister and both getting education. If I am telling you about my strength, is that I very punctual about time. I have possitive attitude to very helpful to improve ourself.

I have one quality to work under the pressure. Talking about my weekness is that if anyone one gives me any work till complete I am not okk. And I am very curious to complete this work as soon as possible. Thank you very much, sir, for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself the front of you.

My name is Raman.

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Raman Sharma, I belong to Meerut. I have four members in my family my father name is Vinod Kumar Sharma he is a businessman my mother's name is Sarita Sharma and she is a wonderful housewife and mother I have one younger sister and she is doing b tech from JPIIT Noida. My hobbies are to play badminton and playing DJs. My strengths are that I am honest and I like to work with new peoples.

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Comments: Vidhita : People not people's. Coming to my family there are 5 members, my father is a businessman and mother is a housewife 2 cousins sister who is older than me and I am the youngest one, that's all about me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.