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Find out here and try a free Critical Thinking practice test. This test is a simuation of a real assessment test, the test contains 14 test questions and has a time.
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Pearson Assessment Test Online Prep Companies are always working to refine their hiring process to ensure they remain fair with a more than favorable outcome. What Is Pearson Assessment? Companies in the industrial field generally use this assessment. Companies use the test for job selection and academic evaluations. In fields such as law and finance, the exam is used to assess and select candidates. College Graduates and higher education students may also come across the exam as it is often used to assess critical thinking skills among this demographic.

Unlike other exams, the Watson Glaser test can be done unsupervised in the comfort of your home. There is no need for an assessment center. These include areas such as numerical, verbal and mechanical reasoning. Companies often use this as a pre-employment assessment to determine the most suitable candidate for the job.

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How to Pass the Pearson Assessment Test? Study Guide — These can be sourced online or purchased at your local bookshop.

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Feel free to ask past candidates if they might have a copy lying around. Practice Tests — The Pearson TalentLens website has practice questions and answers, which can be accessed at no cost. Consultation — Talk to past candidates to get an idea of the type of questions that may appear on the exam.

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They may also be able to assist with the practice questions you may have difficulties answering. Conclusion If you are a job seeker, you know how important it is to put your best foot forward whenever you are given an opportunity. All the best with the job hunt! Search for:. Find Tests by Employers. Not Sure How to Prepare?

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Assesses critical thinking ability. Critical thinking is a necessary skill in our achievement-oriented society. It is promoted by teachers and sought-after by employers.

This includes skills such as analysis and evaluation of statements, decision-making and problem-solving ability. The test focuses on five dimensions of critical thinking: verbal reasoning, argument analysis, thinking as hypothesis testing, likelihood and uncertainty, and decision making and problem solving. The HCTA scale is used to assess general constructs that define critical thinking. It is used to improve assessments in the field of education and training and to optimize recruitment and promotion processes in business and industry.

For each of the five dimensions of critical thinking there are five scenarios.

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For each dimension of critical thinking there is the same number of scenarios, but some dimensions are awarded more points than others; this is relevant to the calculation of the total number of points on the HCTA scale. The respondent answers questions about everyday situations.