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Remember that the focus of this essay should be on some sort of transformation you have experienced, causing you to learn and grow as a person. The event, realization, or accomplishment described should have made you view the world in a different, more mature manner. Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. This topic is brand new, and it gives you a chance to show off your talent for self-directed learning.

This essay should highlight one of your passions.

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It should also demonstrate that you enjoy independently exploring information about the ideas and subjects that intrigue you. As with other Common App prompts, the topic you choose to address can be large or small in scope. Share an essay on any topic of your choice. The meaning of this essay prompt is pretty clear: Write about anything you want. The essay should still give admissions officers insight into how you can contribute to a college campus, and what sets you apart from other applicants. We asked Melissa Richards, vice president for communications and enrollment management at Sweet Briar College, on how to write the best Common App essay.

Has there been a compelling event or a goal that was meaningful for you? What challenges did you face, and most importantly, how did you triumph? Was there a moral or lesson that now fuels your passions to achieve great things? None of these topics are better than the others. You just need to choose the topic that can best represent who you are and what you will contribute to a college campus, giving admissions officers more insight into your personality and character. For each of these prompts, make sure you answer all parts of the question, relate the topic to yourself, and follow the guidelines listed above.

While different schools may put varying levels of emphasis on the essay, it is your one chance to truly stand out from the crowd. The rest of your application will be filled with numbers: SAT scores, GPA, class rank, years spent in various extracurricular activities, hours of community service, etc.

Chances are that many students will have similar numbers, so a successful Common App essay is an opportunity to showcase a more complete picture of you and set you apart from applicants with similar qualifications. Use the eight tips below to help you write the best college essay. Combine these tips with the advice I gave for each prompt above to write an excellent Common App essay. College admissions officers read thousands of essays, so you want to find something different and memorable about which to write.

For example, students have written successful essays on the following topics:. Write down any idea that comes to mind, no matter how silly, just to get the creative juices flowing. Consider the following:. Later, you can go back and carefully polish your work.

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If not, you can go back after writing your rough draft and try to find the perfect catchy beginning for your essay. Other possibilities include beginning with a surprising statement, asking an intriguing question, or starting with a short sentence that leaves the reader wanting to know more. With that in mind, use vivid imagery, specific details, and engaging anecdotes to illustrate your points. While trying to include plenty of details, also make sure that you explain or analyze each anecdote, clarifying what this says about you as a person and as a candidate for admission.

There are a variety of words and phrases that are almost never appropriate to use when you are aiming to be specific. For the first time, I understood what it felt like to be an outsider and not understand the language and customs around me. This experience taught me to ask questions when I felt confused such as when I saw people taking off their shoes before entering their home. In the first example, the only information the reader learns about you is that you traveled abroad and enjoyed it. This is not only more detailed, but it provides your reader with an understanding of what you are passionate about, and how you overcome obstacles hint: this also clues your reader in on what you might be like as a college student.

I am interested in activities like the Formula Sae racing and ChemE Car that would allow me to apply my engineering knowledge outside of the classroom. Once provoked, any person, even the most hard working and guileless among us, can fall victim to the horrors of violence.

I fostered my love of international affairs and history at a very young age listening to the adventures of a fictional character named Dirk Pitt. These novels, all of which would begin by describing a global historical event, had me hooked on these disciplines by the age of seven. As I matured, so did my hunger for history and politics. I began to love to debate political policy with my teachers. I would listen to right wing radio with my father, as well as watch CNN with my mother.

This bipartisan upbringing allowed me to foster well informed opinions concerning the way in which our nation was lead. My dad is disabled and receives Social Security Disability for me and our family. Furthermore the Social Security that my family receives on my behalf will expire upon my graduation.

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There may be candidates with more decorated applications with sundry extracurricular activities, but my extracurricular activity is survival. I truly believe I can accomplish greatness because I have been pushed down so many times that it is now my nature to force myself up, no matter how broken, and continue onward. Professor Phillips has a tremendous reputation in the fields of both law and business, and I am greatly interested in the confluences of these fields.

Personally, I want to study economics and international relations while assuming a third major in one of the sciences. Science and technology are the basis of many new markets in the business world, and exploring a new product in this field requires scientific, legal, and economic understanding. Russia could breach Georgia truce, top US official warns.

Moscou souffle le chaud et le froid sur Kiev. China recalls milk powder amid health scandal: diplomatic source. These are a few of the titles of news articles that I saw on my daily raiding of Google News, a daily tradition that I have been practicing for the last three years. In speaking, we may change our tone by varying pitch or emphasis to communicate our feelings. To test, ask yourself this question: what assumptions can I make about this person? Better, right? This excerpt shows no value judgment about the lives of others. The writer keeps the focus on herself and shows a genuine understanding of her subject.

Additionally, she shows herself to be helpful, dedicated, and selfless. Focused on action and reflection, this sentence has movement and depth. Often, tone is a matter of detail selection. In this case, the author is focusing on the wrong details for the message he wants to send. Importantly, he shows that a team sport is about the team, not about the person, while also emphasizing his critical role. While reflecting on an experience, your tone should also make you sound genuine and honest. Try this:. In this version, the author avoids exaggeration and gives a clear sense of what she has learned: the value of storytelling.

There is a clear connection between what her grandfather does he tells personal stories and the effect she understands depth of character through stories. These are all great qualities to have, but only through proper word choice is the message clearly communicated. Remember that your college essay is an opportunity to present the best aspects of your character.

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Without the right tone, you risk giving the wrong impression, or missing a major opportunity to get a college interested in you. If you are a college-bound student, you know about the key components of a college application: GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, and the college essay. Many students spend the majority of their time focused on the first three items on the list and leave the final item—the college essay—until a couple of weeks before applications are due. At the most elite colleges, the majority of applicants have substantial academic merit, so that can be weighed later in the application review process.

The earlier you start writing, the better! Those numbers represent just one year out of four or more! For this reason, scholarship money is becoming more important than ever before, and a carefully planned essay can help you earn as much award money as possible. Website Problems? Skip to main content. Problem Solving Information and Tips. Realize that emotions are part of the workplace and that negative emotions can fuel the conflict.

Acknowledge your emotion and then determine its source. Is it based on a bad experience or a past interaction that may be influencing the current situation? Is it based on something you have no control over? Take the time to deescalate before moving forward. Consciously decide how to respond to a conflict situation. Most people remember how you respond to a situation rather than what happened. While you often do not have control of many situations, you can choose how to respond to others to help reduce work conflict and stress.

By responding appropriately to a conflict situation, you take responsibility for your actions. Refer to Understanding Conflict Handling Styles to discover the advantages and disadvantages for each style. Give yourself time to prepare.

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You should address difficult issues after you have had time to organize your thoughts. Take the time to understand and be clear about what your real concerns. Listen, Reflect, Inquire. Do you have enough time to listen? Is the setting appropriate?

Make good eye contact and keep your facial and body expressions in check. Listening is hard when emotions are high. Cool down first.