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Many people start by setting up sites on free Web 2. This can work but you must remember you are only borrowing space when you use a free platform and at any time your page could be taken down.

The Search Engine Optimization Industry

If you are going to be experimenting with SEO for the first time, have no money to spend, or are willing to risk losing your page at any time, go ahead and use a Web 2. I suggest hosting your own sites though. I prefer to create sites on their own domain. Your can get hosting for a couple dollars per month and a domain for free with many of the hosting packages. WordPress is a super simple and user friendly content management system and it makes setting up a website very simple.

For the time and effort involved, using WordPress is one of the best ways to develop an affiliate site in my opinion. Once you have installed WP and added your theme, you will need to add content to your site. If you are setting up the site to resemble a blog, having an about us page and at least posts should be enough to get you started. Remember when writing the blogs what your keywords are and what action you want people to take.

Alternately, you can set up your site like a typical website with a blog. I chose this option for my affiliate site so that I could funnel authority from several blogs into a single page in the future to rank it. Either way, create some unique content for your site and if you are going to use any PLR or filler content, set those pages to no-follow to avoid any duplicate content issues. Regardless of how much traffic you get to a website, if you are not converting, you are not going to make money.

Be sure to optimize your pages to the best of your ability and then use cheap tools like Instapage to set up and split test your pages to optimize for conversions.

Choosing What to Promote

Using paid ads can be a good way to test your site prior to optimizing for keywords or layouts. Set up ads using the keywords you plan to target on each page and see how well they convert. If your pages rarely convert, you either have a poor layout or a bad keyword.

Website Magazine and QuickSprout both have a lot of good information about conversion optimization so read up if you are lost in the sauce. Yoast SEO for WordPress is a very handy plugin and it will allow you to optimize your pages for a single keyword simply by following suggestions from the tool.

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It is not the end all, be all of on page, but for the price of free; it gives you a good start. Remember to set up Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics for your site as well so you have access to the useful and free data they provide.

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You do not have to have this much content, but it will make your task easier. You should also mention terms related to the pages main keyword throughout the content as this will help to establish the overall theme of your site. Use keywords in your internal links and remember, Google only counts the first link on a page for the purpose of anchor text so make the highest link to any page contain the most important term. For a detailed look at on page SEO, check out the anatomy of a perfectly optimized page and once you have your on page dialed in, get ready to build some links and generate social signals.

We all know that link building is still very important to ranking a website. There are about five websites for every person on earth, you need to make yours stand out and get noticed and links are one way to do it. Here are some link building methods that work and are pretty safe when done correctly. I know that Google said guest posting is dead and you should not do it, they may not like guest posting but it still works very well.

The type of guest posts that get you in trouble are the ones made only for SEO. If you find websites that are reputable in your niche and write a guest post that is likely to send traffic to your site, you are building a good link. If you are finding low quality sites that are kind of similar to your site and are not likely to get you any referral traffic, you are wasting your time and guest posting the way Google hates. Only post on sites that you would post to if SEO did not matter and you will have nothing to worry about.

Editorial links from relevant and authority websites are the cream of the crop. In order to get these links, you need to have linkable assets and a good method for outreach.

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Personal and professional relationships will allow you to get links that others cannot get. If you are an affiliate in the health industry and have made money for several companies, ask them for a link to your new site to get it rolling. If you have a friend or several friends that have closely related sites, ask them what content their site needs and give it to them for a link. If you master those three methods, you can dominate the competition in many niches and you are adhering as closely to white hat SEO as possible without avoiding link building altogether.

The rumors about social signals influencing rankings are far and wide. Google has said that they do not have any impact or rankings.

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At the moment, the general consensus is that social shares can at least provide a temporary spike in how your site ranks. Even a temporary spike in the rankings of your site could give you the exposure you need to gain some natural back links and secure a permanent rankings increase, so a focus of being social is important. Even if you are not super active on social media, you should at minimum create a Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook page. You can use a tool like Buffer App or Klout to schedule posts for the entire week in just a few minutes.

Add a mixture of curated content and your content to engage users. You should also make sure that your website makes it easy for people to share your content across their networks. Adding share buttons after posts, in a pop over form, or even using a plugin that requires a share to unlock content can boost your signals and rankings, which I feel will become even more important in the near future.

As you can see, setting up an affiliate site takes a good deal of time and research. You must be willing to put in the work if you plan to make money online through affiliate marketing. Following the steps above will get you off on the right foot but be sure to test, study, and review what works for you. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer or would like to share your mishaps or affiliate successes, I would love to hear about them below. Louis Mo. Travis loves researching and writing about SEO strategies and implementing innovative strategies for his clients. Connect on Twitter theseoproz.

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Home Daily Weblog Share. Choosing What to Promote Affiliate marketing from the SEO standpoint is focused on finding products that have great deal of search traffic and have affiliate products that offer a reasonable commission per sale. Select a product to promote within your niche and find keywords related to it This method requires you to start by researching the top-performing affiliate products in your niche.

Find buyer keywords in your niche and find products that are relevant to those terms The second option for choosing affiliate products is to start with general terms that describe what your blog will be about and then you will find products that fit the bill.

Finding Long Tail Keywords from Your Seed List Long tail keywords can be ranked more quickly and can make up the bulk of your website traffic when used properly. Hidden Gold Mine Alert!!! In this case, I did notice one site on page one that caught my attention: FreeDieting. Head back over to the Google Keyword Tool and enter the URL of this site into the landing page box and here are just a few of the keywords you will find: You can go through the entire list and find several long tail keywords that get traffic and target these terms for your own site.

Using Web 2. Self-Hosting an Affiliate Site I prefer to create sites on their own domain. Optimizing Your Posts and Pages Yoast SEO for WordPress is a very handy plugin and it will allow you to optimize your pages for a single keyword simply by following suggestions from the tool. Just what I was looking for.