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The film Thank You for Smoking is a very informative film about a successful lobbyist, Nick Naylor. A Film Analysis of Thank You for Smoking Starring Aaron Eckhart. The story is about a hansom, silver-tongued, lobbyist with flexible morals, named Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) who.
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Thank You For Smoking: Analysis Essay Thank You For Smoking, directed by Jason Reitman, is a society-perplexing story for the ever-apparent reason that different aspects of society will view lobbyist and main character Nick Naylor from various moral perspectives.

Working and advocating for big tobacco will likely land you in hot water with at least half of the population. As aching it probably is being in such a situation, it sings gold to those looking to delve deeper into a controversial matter….

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We presume that we could have foreseen what we know happened. Finding out something has happened makes it seem inevitable. Bulletin, Fall , V.

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The combination of reading this article…. Gordon Bowen for his support and advice throughout this dissertation. His critical comments always managed to solve arising problems and helped me understand the subject. I would also like to thank the MBA programme co-ordinator Mr. Innayath for his enormous encouragement and inspiration throughout my course.

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Also I wish to thank all the respondents who participated in the interviews for providing me with valuable information. And finally, I wish to thank my family…. Nick insists on tobacco being overreacted as a social issue and finds it important for everyone to decide for himself what is best. He has to do his job though it seemingly goes against what he believes as a young father. However, speaking to the audience in the assembly, the spokesman accentuates that tobacco education should be first and foremost at family level.

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Nick talks fluently of challenging things, but the climax is when he is straightly asked if he gives his son the first cigarette, he appears to lose part of himself at the very moment he acknowledges it. Thus, the spokesman violates the ethical to reestablish it later. But only he demonstrates how his own maxims and intentions contradict with his actions and results. On the other hand, the character acts beneficently as he tries to achieve what others want and lobbies freedom of choice, his beneficence being selective.